NFL Must Suspend Tyreek Hill Even Without Criminal Charges
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NFL Must Suspend Tyreek Hill Even Without Criminal Charges

Tyreek Hill may have gotten off the hook in some regard, but that doesn’t mean he should walk away from this issue without some sort of punishment.

The ?Chiefs’ speedy wide receiver has been the subject of a child abuse investigation, but the DA recently declined to ch?arge him. This wasn’t a cut and dried case about whether or not Hill was innocent. The district attorney was just unable to prove that Hill was guilty.

Thanks to a clause in the league, however, Hill won’t have the same loophole to get out of punishment, so Roger Goodell and the ?NFL should bring the hammer down on him.

??The DA still believes someone harmed Hill’s three-year-old child but did not have the evidence to prove it was the wide receiver. Based on Fifth Amendment rights, Hill and fiancee Crystal Espinal, the child’s mother, can refuse to cooperate with the investigation in order to avoid self-incrimination. With the DA believing a crime has been committed, this seems like an incredibly convenient break for Hill.

However, the NFL doesn’t have to allow this to end right here. The Personal Conduct Policy states that the Fifth Amendment protection does not apply in a workplace investigation. Long story short, if Hill doesn’t cooperate with the investigation, or if he does and his claims of innocence aren’t convincing, they have every right to suspend him.

This would not be the first time the league has suspended a player who wasn’t charged. Just think of Ben Roethlisberger and even Ezekiel Elliott. The league kept those players out of game action despite the law not doling out punishment, and based on Hill’s character, they should not stray from their past inclinations. This is the same man who pled guilty to beating Espina when she was pregnant, and then lost custody of their child.

The ball is in the NFL’s court here and it would be an incredibly inappropriate time to look in the other direction.

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