Brett Favre is Right About Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers
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Brett Favre is Right About Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers

The standards for football in Green Bay are absurdly high. They’ve had a pair of Hall-of-Fame caliber quarterbacks for almost 30 years now.

One of those quarterbacks, ?Brett Favre, has been critical of the lack of success ?Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy experienced during their time together, and he’s absolutely right to put them under the microscope.

“They really should have won more,” said Favre.

He’s definitely right on that.

In his 11 years as the Packers’ starting quarterback, Rodgers has been arguably the best talent under center in the entire league. He’s thrown for 42,944 yards, 338 touchdowns, and just 80 interceptions.

The Packers were equally blessed with McCarthy. From when he first started in 2006 until he was fired in the middle of the 2018 season, McCarthy amassed a 125-77-2 record while taking the Packers to the playoffs nine times.

The fact that the two of them only managed to win one Super Bowl together is mind-bogglingly disappointing.

The lack of dominance that could have been was a result of friction between Rodgers and McCarthy, and had it not been for ego, a true dynasty could have come to pass.

??Rodgers and McCarthy were gifted each other. A brilliant head coach and stellar quarterback duo like them had a once in a lifetime opportunity to dominate the NFC, and perhaps even the league, for over a decade, but they could never follow through.

Favre and the rest of us, though, are now left to wonder what could have been.

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