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Watch comedic cross-country : The ‘world’s worst skier’ Adrian Solano

Adrian was representing Venezuela at Lahti 2017 in the qualifying round for the cross country event.

Believe it or not it was his first time skiing on snow having previously only trained on wheels.

Adrian nearly didn’t make it out of the starting blocks as he wobbled his way to the starting line.

He stumbled and slipped around the course and fell over several times during the event.

Solano’s saga has hit a nerve among Venezuelans and angered the country’s highest officials, who are denouncing France for deporting the athlete in January while he was trying to get to Sweden to train on snow.

Airport migration officials in Paris allegedly doubted his story, thinking his journey to the slopes was a ploy to leave his beleaguered country.

“Although I did not know the snow and I did not have the opportunity to train here I am giving the best,” he wrote on Instagram after the event.


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