Jalen Ramsey not talking much this week
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Jalen Ramsey not talking much this week

Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been a consistent source of material during his meetings with the media over the last few years, but he’s not saying much ahead of this weekend’s game against the Texans.

Ramsey was quiet after last Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys and he was brief again on Thursday. Ramsey said “we’ll see” when asked if the Jaguars defense can bounce back from last week’s drubbing and “yeah” when asked if he liked facing Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. He added that he thinks Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson looks “really good.”

Mark Long of the Associated Press reports that Ramsey’s entire session took a little more than a minute. That’s a stark contrast from the last couple of weeks when Ramsey held court on Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill and responded to comments from Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore during more expansive media engagements.

The easy answer to the change in approach is the 802 yards and 63 points that the Jaguars have allowed in losing two games, although it will take the Jaguars getting back on track against Houston to fully test that hypothesis.

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