Defensive End NFL STAR Won't Stop Until He Becomes a 'Success Story'
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Defensive End NFL STAR Won’t Stop Until He Becomes a ‘Success Story’

The Vikings’ defense had a field day on Sunday as they sacked ?Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford 10 times and even found their way into the end zone.

Defensive end Everson Griffen added to the team’s effort with 1.5 sacks of his own in his first start since leaving the team in ?September. General manager Rick Spielman knows the hard work Griffen has put in and acknowledged just how motivated he will be the rest of the season.

??After going through some intense mental health issues, it’s incredible to see how well Griffen has bounced back in the last few weeks.

While there were many reports suggesting he wouldn’t be back for a long time, it only took him a month to return to the field healthy from a mental and physical standpoint.

The mental hurdle that Griffen is currently dealing with is a tough one to handle, yet he still is maintaining a good mindset.

There’s no question that Griffen is still the same player that he was, but his new attitude will make his journey to be a success an amazing story to follow.

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