Bleacher Report predicts Cousins next team, Redskins replacement
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Bleacher Report predicts Cousins next team, Redskins replacement

Bleacher Report chimed in on the future of Kirk Cousins, predicting where the quarterback’s future lies at the expiration of this current contract. Unfortunately for the Washington Redskins fans, it’s not in D.C.

Instead, a trip up the coast to New York is in store for the 29-year-old Michigan State alum, with a switch to the AFC and a Jets uniform in his immediate future.

According to Bleacher Report, Redskins can control the situation, but it’ll be costly. Too costly. And we haven’t even addressed whether Cousins wants to remain with the organization.

Four organizations have $75 million or more to spend based on projections, and the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets are each in dire need of a franchise quarterback.

New York is better prepared to win in the short term and has this season, while Cleveland is still searching for its first victory. Cousins’ inclusion could at some point push the Jets past the New England Patriots since Tom Brady can’t play forever. Plus, New York is a major market that will provide more opportunities outside of football.

With Cousins gone in this scenario, the question then shifts to who will replace him in Washington?

Luckily, Bleacher Report has an answer for that too. Look no further to the NFC North and the Minnesota Vikings, who have three starting quarterbacks(with two of them injured) on their projected roster in 2018.

The odd man out? Case Keenum.

Cousins for Keenum, despite the latter’s success at FedEx Field earlier this season, isn’t the greatest trade ever, but it’s one that could gather steam should the unthinkable happen.

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